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Real Estate Appraisals for Tax Appeals

Municipalities periodically revalue the real estate located in their boundaries to determine that the assessed values reflect the current market values. This process, called revaluations, is prepared by a revaluation company. While attempts are made for consistency with similar dwellings being revalued at comparable levels, mistakes can and do happen. If your property has been revalued and you believe that an error has occurred and the new assessment will result in you being over-taxed, you can appeal.

The burden to prove that an error has occurred rests with the homeowner. It is strongly suggested that homeowners wishing to initiate a tax appeal do it with a competent appraiser. Where justified, Eagle Appraisals has prepared appraisals that have supported and successfully reduced property assessments thereby lowering the owner's annual real estate taxes. Where necessary, we have appeared as an expert at the county tax board.

If your property has recently been revalued and you believe that the new value is incorrect and wish to pursue a tax appeal, please provide the following information:

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